Dementia: Looking Back: Looking Ahead (Week 17)

Regular readers of this Blog will note a different picture to start the week.  This is because this morning I want to focus on moving ahead by looking at the opportunities that our experiences from last week present:

Travel: Maureen really enjoyed our day trip to Coventry and that provides inspiration to travel a little more.

Walking: We have had several enjoyable strolls this week in beautiful sunshine.  Maureen has sought to teach me the ‘Green Cross Code’ during our walks which raises interesting questions about her capacity to be safe when out alone.

Socialising: On Saturday and Sunday Maureen came into her own showing a great deal of compassion to strangers in need.  Her attempts to communicate with a woman who had suffered brain damage and offer comfort to a lonely elderly widow was heartening.  We also bumped into some friends from our Bowling Club and Maureen enjoyed some friendly banter.  It would be interesting if we could pop into to see some of our friends from bowling or dancing in the coming week.

Visitors: With the warmer weather upon us the beach beckons when we have visitors around particularly for families with young children. I’m sure Maureen will find it easier to cope with larger groups of people in the great outdoors.

‘Strangers In The Night’:  After another disturbed night I am still thinking of the best way for us both to get the rest we need. When we sleep together it is easier to ease Maureen’s fears about strange men in the room but when I am banished to the spare room that becomes rather difficult.  I turned from ‘Zero’ to ‘Hero’ in the space of 4 hours: reprimanded when going to bed for being tired with ‘how would I cope if I had to work?’:  needed at 2am to keep her safe from ‘visitors’.  I’m needed again as I type as Maureen is in floods of tears about how she misses her family in Nottingham and what a good dad she had.  I’m off to be ‘Tea Boy’ before I finish this post.

Tea provided Maureen with temporary relief from upset but now she is worrying about her poor memory.  She is concerned that she isn’t really sure who I am half the time – I hope my reassurance and a further cup of tea might help her to rest a little longer.  I’m glad Chloe, today’s carer, will be here in a couple of hours as another pair of hands will make things a little easier and one of her ‘Pamper Days’ might just help.

Meditation: I need integrate meditation into my daily routine and hold off on attending Wednesday evening classes as two carer sits in one day fuel the ‘desertion syndrome’.  With luck I will be with  on YouTube as soon as the coast is clear.

Too busy for Prescribed Disengagement   here! 


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