Dementia: SOS All Hands On The Deck

I am hoping that music can come to our rescue again tonight: hence the deck.  Maureen has not had a good day.  Seeing Chloe again has thrown her – two weeks is a long time with dementia.  Chloe report noted high levels of confusion and Maureen’s refusal to shower.  She also saw what I experienced yesterday; Maureen making 5 cups of coffee rather than one.

Music did the trick this morning as Maureen struggled to deal with the passing of her daughter.  I’m hoping that a couple of hours singing and having fun with old favourites will help ground her tonight.  We’ve already had one dance in the kitchen and Maureen let me lead: that’s always a good sign!   I can hear her singing along to |Willie and Carole as I type:

I’d best get downstairs and give her my answer!

Postscript:  Seeing that Maureen was worn out as I dished up tea at 6.30pm  I turned the music off.  She was exhausted and just about managed to stay awake to eat her meal.  I resisted an altercation over taking her blood thinner; accepting that Chloe had given it to her this morning – even though I knew she hadn’t.  Maureen isn’t at all happy about taking this medication and often argues that she has already taken it or hides it.  Our chemist has warned me about the need to take medication consistently but I never argue the toss with Maureen over medication: I accept her reality .

I would guess that Maureen is out for the count now.  It is likely that I will struggle to prise her off the sofa in a couple of hours.  She will see me as that wicked man who is trying to overdose her on tablets again.  How dreadful this condition is for us all but at least I can walk away from it for a few minute: a luxury my dear wife will never have.



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