Dementia: Meditation Not Medication

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Dementia: Meditation Not Medication

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Dementia: Sharing The Good Times

Meditation design elements vector graphics 01

I don’t need any persuasion of the benefits of meditation.  Some years ago I began to show an interest in Buddhism, and began attending local classes in meditation.  I have had several teachers in my sporadic attendance, they have all  helped me to  grasp the simplicity of Buddhism.

When Jendrik, my current teacher, heard that I was unable to attend classes, because of Maureen’s condition, he popped round to see me.  Ed one of the longest members of the Grimsby Group has also met up for a chat on several occasions: we are getting together again this morning.

The Buddhist message, from both of my dear friends, has been to use this challenging time as an opportunity to address ‘self-cherishing’ and give ‘unconditional love’.  It therefore comes as no surprise to me that Meditation is now being seen as an important component of any strategy to deal with the…

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