Dementia: An Admiral Nurse Who’s ‘Been Around A Bit’

I met with Mel my Admiral Nurse and a member of the Home Treatment Team yesterday morning.  After the meeting I said how helpful is was that Mel used to work within the HTT and she said ‘I’ve been around a bit’.  Her experience has been vital in helping us to get back within the system: rather than remaining discharged because of Maureen’s diagnosis of mixed dementia.

One salient point from our meeting was when Mel said ‘there is a trigger for everything it’s not just a question of Maureen having dementia’.  I find her comments reassuring and confirmation of the approach of the Home Treatment Team.  Therefore, I felt comfortable making clear my expectations of the HTT.

I outlined my concerns about reaching for the prescription pad, highlighting the known dangers of antipsychotic medication .  I placed my cards firmly on the table seeking an appraisal of Maureen’s presentation and the development of a strategy that would lead to us finding a way through this challenging period in our lives.

When the HTT had a brief involvement with us in the past I was pleased to hear that they have a biopsychosocial approach to dementia.  We are so lucky that we will be working with like- minded folk as we travel on this challenging journey.

Just in case you didn’t know Admiral Nurses work for Dementia U K and they are currently campaigning for funding to recruit more.  I would not have coped without the advice and support I have received from Admiral Nurses in this area.

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