Dementia: Impermanence On Display

‘Impermanence on display – the wild garlic is beginning to transform the woodland floor into a lush green carpet’.  This quote, and photograph, has been been shared on Facebook by Kelsang Dorde of the Madhyamaka Kadampa Buddhist Centre near Pocklington.

I hope to return to the Centre and spend time meditating in the company of  Dorde, and his fellow Buddhists,  very soon.


About Remember Me

I am a retired adult educator. My wife had a stroke in February 2014 and now has mixed dementia. Her recovery from stroke has been exceptional apart from 50% loss of peripheral vision and vascular damage. 'Dharma For Dementia' is my approach to being Maureem's Care Partner: it aims to end the suffering of 'Prescribed Disengagement' (Swaffer) .
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2 Responses to Dementia: Impermanence On Display

  1. jansenphoto says:

    This is a lovely image! Love the way the green of the garlic is lit up by the sun, becoming ever more verdant as it gets closer to the Sun. Great for meditation!


  2. Remember Me says:

    Great Centre wonderful people. I simply have to get back there ASAP.


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