Dementia: Coconut Oil Works!

There are some people who regard coconut oil as a wonder food for all sorts of conditions. Certain individuals have praised its positive impact on dementia: others see it as snake oil. This morning I have irrefutable evidence of its benefits.

Yesterday evening I decided to spruce up the roasting tin in preparation for today’s main meal.  It was heavily clad in used coconut oil, so I poured boiling water in the sink, and moved on.  This morning I paid the price with a blocked sink.  It has taken over half an hour to disconnect pipework, and remove the offending plug of coconut oil.  I have been pondering a number of things whilst solving this little problem: particularly Maureen’s struggle to come round after sleeping.

Earlier on this morning she woke up with a start fearing that she was late for work.  Then she decided she needed to get back to her own bed.   I recall the fear in her eyes when she chanced a remark to me early yesterday morning: ‘I think I know you.  Are you my husband?’  Her younger son once remarked that whenever she wakes up she needs to reboot: he is absolutely right.

Just as I removed a plug of coconut oil from the waste pipe my thoughts began to clear, and I hatched a plan.  I decided to create a few additional memory points around the house to remind Maureen where she is in her life cycle. Places where she can look to help her reboot at any time of the day or night.  I also decided to keep reminding her that she is making an excellent recovery from stroke, and it is taking a while for her brain to heal from injury.

Thank goodness we have two jars of coconut oil in stock: you never know when they might come in handy!

4 thoughts on “Dementia: Coconut Oil Works!

  1. My dear friend Diana had memory issues due to brain cancer. Once she slept, she forgot. One of the cruelest offenses was that her beloved brother had to leave and return home out of state. She wouldn’t remember and she would panic. I wasn’t always with her to remind her. I made a poster by her bed that reminder her: Your brother went back home and you told him it was ok to go. You had a great visit.

    It helped everyone. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the kindness.


  2. Years ago, I read a book (possibly called Memory Board?). A little chaulk board was used for every step of the day (a dry erase may be today’s version). It listed everything from get out of bed, brush teeth, shower, etc… not only a reminder of what was yet to be done, but as items were checked off, a reminder of what had been done, already.

    I assume you have plenty of pictures around to remind your wife of who you are: wedding, family gatherings, etc? Maybe a few on her night stand?

    I am curious to see what tools you come up with and to, hopefully, hear that they are bringing some peace to you both.


  3. Hi Leah I have to ponder further on this. Maureen is stunned this morning after a bright start to the day. I think she may have thought I was her dad when she first got up this morning and hoped to see her mum. Now she may be disappointed we are in Cleethorpes rather than Nottingham. Have to think about the impact of constantly grounding her in where she doesn’t want to be: either time or place. I will keep you posted.


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