Dementia: On Red Alert

A phone call from our Care Agency has put me on Red Alert about support for Maureen when I go to Coventry for the day on Monday.  They phoned up late yesterday afternoon to advise me that it may not be possible for our regular carers to be here in my absence.  At least there is a little time to shut the barn door before the horse bolts i.e. Maureen ‘legs it’.

I have no intention of postponing my trip to Coventry again because adequate Care has fallen through. My mum is 94 and I need to see her even though she may be unsure who I am after all this time.  There are several other family members I need to see: including my brother who doesn’t know me any longer with the progression of his Alzheimer’s.  The trip takes on something of a Busman’s Holiday and is a stark reminder of life in a residential establishment: something I will go out of my way to avoid for Maureen.

As our Care Plan has not been revised since August 2014 it is important to get something current in place before my away day.  Fortunately, Chloe, our longest serving carer, made a suggestion yesterday that will really help.  She has plans to draft a summary of how she approaches caring for Maureen.  I have agreed to type Chloe’s draft and run it by Gail, our other regular. This means that any newcomer will have something to read before they launch into their own style of caring.

There is also something I can do to help: develop a Welcome Pack to working with us.  This will include some basic information about our household, and Maureen’s usual daily schedule.  It is important to keep this material short, as carers are in the thick of it once they have clocked in.  If we manage to get all of this in place for Monday I will travel to Coventry with a clear conscience that I have done all I can to prevent Maureen from wanting to ‘leg it’ again. .



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