Slow learners…

Kate Swaffer’s blog today reminds me what a long way we all have to go to sort out our way on this journey.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 10.10.18 amThis is a simple, succinct quote on who’s got the problem in caring for or communicating with people with dementia, and if this point was taken seriously, and considered fully in the dementia sector, 90% of the so-called ‘challenging behaviours’ we are so negatively and glibly labelled with would probably never surface…

If you can’t understand us, and don’t take the time to work out how to communicate with us (that is your job, not ours), then no wonder so many with dementia end up displaying frustration, anger and eventually apathy and depression. If you were not listened to, and no-one bothered to try to understand you, you’d do the same…

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