Dementia: ‘Something For The Weekend?’

Maureen’s tiredness continues.   We had a rest at 4pm yesterday afternoon and she has remained in bed for the last 15 hours. I have woken my exhausted wife a couple of times for drinks, to make sure she doesn’t get dehydrated.

It is likely that her sore throat and runny nose are taking their toll.   This would also explain her increased levels of confusion.  Her behaviour yesterday on my return from a physio appointment, and a shopping mission, was untypical.  She mentioned that a lady had been in and given her some security advice, and that was why she had a collection of keys in her pocket.  Unusually, no tidying up had taken place in my absence, and it looked as if she had been completely thrown by being left to her own devices.

I think I need to stay close by for the next few days and see if I can help her to shift this cold virus with some dietary supplements. Fortunately, I have a little something to keep me busy for the weekend:   a small project that I have been procrastinating on for quite some time.

My dad was a ‘Tail End Charlie’ during the Second World War.  Some time ago Jill, one of my sisters, lent me his RAF logbook and  note book of  raids he went on.  I also have a number of photographs of dad when with his Lancaster Bomber Crew.   I am going to make a booklet of his life in the RAF.  This will mean we all have a memento of a very brave father: scanning and printing beckon.   His log book and personal diary could then be offered to an RAF Museum

This small project might help me to stop thinking about dementia almost every waking moment.  I need to find things to focus on that help me to become far more than a Care Partner.   There couldn’t be a better starting point than ‘Jack’s Joint’:  dad’s name was John but he was fondly known as Jack by members of his Crew.


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