Dementia: More Musical Magic

I still haven’t read Oliver Sacks book on the benefits of music for the brain.  My excuse Professor Schuller is  that I often feel too tired to read, so I took it back to the library hardly opened.  However Tom, my good friend, I think I have empirical evidence that it works.  You always encouraged me, in my year at Warwick, to conduct my own research; well I have and as anecdotal as my evidence is I think you would allow me academic licence – yet again.

When Maureen came down yesterday morning I placed her in front of the T V.  She simply had to face the screen if she wanted the further cup of tea that she had requested.  I had deliberately left YouTube on with Christie Hennessy singing one of her favourites.  As I acted as D J we moved on to The Dublinners.  When I heard her singing along with Barney to: I Wish I Had Someone To Love Me  tears came into my eyes.

This morning Barney is on again, and my Songbird is in good voice.  She said she heard the song for the first time yesterday, and is joining in again.  I think Dr Sacs has opened a new road on our journey.  I simply must catch up with what he has to say about music and short term memory.  In the mean time let the music play: it’s impact on mood is almost immediate.  Providing you play the right songs.

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