Dementia: We’ve Scooped the Jackpot

Our luck came in yesterday and we’ve scooped the jackpot.  They say luck runs in threes so I decided to buy a ticket for the Lottery.  Yes and our lucky streak continued as soon as Charlotte walked through our door. Immediately, I realised that we had a winning ticket, to go along with the two very small wins Maureen had received in the past week or so.

I am very optimistic that we have a winning team in place now.  With Chloe,Gale and Charlotte here on a regular basis there is so much potential to move forward on our journey.  Once Charlotte is inducted into our approach to dementia, we are in a great position to make further progress.  Lo and behold Maureen has fed some great ideas into the melting pot this morning regarding my 70th birthday.

We are undecided on the best way to celebrate  the start of my 8th decade.  That uncertainty is a real positive, as it brings into play a little project that will be a means of providing cognitive stimulation.  Our tentative plans are for a scrap book approach on where to celebrate this milestone.  What better on these cold and dark nights than planning a holiday?

That lottery ticket remains in my wallet – unchecked.  We have already won with Charlotte on board, and Maureen progressing so well in the last few days.  Maureen is such a happy and positive woman at the moment, we must be doing something right: continuing in our own peculiar way.

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