Dementia: Continuing In Our Own Peculiar Way

I posted the  blog below – Our Own Perculair Way – two weeks ago.  A lot has happened in the last 14 days as Maureen continues to make amazing progress.  Early this morning she has been a revelation:  telling me how she is trying to improve her memory by recollecting events from the past.  It is amazing how lucid and funny she can be: her sense of humour is still wicked as you will see from my earlier post.  If you met Maureen in the street you would never believe what she has been through in the last few years.

Today will be an interesting test of her ability to recall.  If she remembers that we have been chatting about contacting our Songbird that will be really positive.  The experts might well question this, as I am dealing with her emotional memory.  Hey who cares as long as she enjoys speaking or writing to Maeve.

Our Own Peculiar Way

We all have our own ways of coping when dementia is impacting upon our lives.  Maureen’s approach to the condition is her choice: it is her life.  If she wants to continue with her belief that she: ‘used to have some problems with her memory’; that is her right.  What would I gain by trying to ram home that she has dementia, and she should listen to the ‘experts’ on how to conduct her life?  Kate Swaffer has some harsh words on that approach and labels it ‘prescribed disengagement’.

I also have my own approach to being a Care Partner.  It has been fashioned by reading and listening to what others have to say about the condition.  I am greatly indebted to the many contributors to Talking Point who share their experiences so openly: they are the experts.

So Maureen and I both have our own approach to our journey with dementia.  That is where Willie Nelson and EmmLou Harris come in because their rendition of ‘My Own Peculiar Way’ opens the door on a good focus for the weekend, and these dark nights.

If my ballroom dancing memory serves me right Willie and EmmyLou are singing to the tempo of a Rumba.  Maureen and I fashioned a good version of Rumba in our ballroom dancing days.  As I have mentioned before we have several ‘dance floors’ in the house.  We also have DVD’s to remind us of our little routines.  Guess what I will be suggesting to shorten these dark nights?

What have we to lose by continuing in our own peculiar way?

2 thoughts on “Dementia: Continuing In Our Own Peculiar Way

  1. I think that you and Maureen are doing a great job of navigating the dementia waters with your own two-step. Whatever works for both of you I think is what is important here. Good for you for finding music to help along the way. Hope you are feeling better.


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