Dementia: Anosognosia and hiraeth

Anosognia and hiraeth  two extremely important words in any attempt to understand Maureen’s presentation.  They are recent acqusitions to my vocabulary, and would certainly warrant a challenge in any game of scrabble.

Anosognosia defines a reluctance to accept a medical diagnosis.

Hiraeth  explains ‘wanting to go home syndrome’.      

I see little point in encouraging Maureen to accept that she has dementia.  I can fully understand how she wants to go with: ‘I lost my memory once and it was frightening’.

Following our trip back to Nottingham, Maureen’s home town, one destination has been ruled out as a better place to live. It is possible that the same job will need to be done on Coventry.

What is going to happen next on our journey with dementia?  I have to confess I have no idea where we will be going.  It doesn’t worry me in the slightest when you have a Champions League Winner in your midst it doesn’t really matter.  All I need to concentrate on  to adulterate a Strictly Come Dancing  phrase is to: Keep Listening

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