Dementia: ‘The Best Laid Plans’

It had to abandon all my good intentions about how to spend the todayday: Action Man frustrated once again.  Maureen was quite adamant how she wanted to spend the day: packing to go home.  During the morning she emptied wardrobes, and drawers, in preparation for the homeward treck.  She pursued her goal with some rigour, with piles of her belongings all over the house.

I tried my usual distraction techniques to no avail.  Not even my best impressions of the ‘Fab Four’, along with their music on the CD Player changed things for long.  Even a smooch to ‘Yesterday’ in the kitchen made little impact on her focus.  Although she did comment I was becoming a little forward in my movements.  As a last ditch effort I managed to persuade her to join me for a catch up rest in bed late afternoon.

As I have said before ‘home’ is that place in the past where dementia did not have an impact on Maureen’s life.  A place where she reacalls being an idependent woman; not saddled with memory loss and its attendant difficulties.  Who can blame her for packing?  What a shame the map is sadly unavailable.

Apologies for this being the third blog of the day.  Tomorrow there will only be one blog about my Admiral Nurse  Heather is currently packing her bags before emigrating to New Zealand.  She deserves a special focus in my blog: as she has shone as a beacon of good practise.

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