Dementia: The Way Ahead

The next few Featured imagedays are important in our journey with dementia.  The appointment with our social worker on Friday morning will be the start of my Carers’ Assessment.   I need to take advice on how to develop a life alongside being a Care Partner. There are lots of aspects our lives that have fallen by the wayside, as we have grappled with the consequences of Maureen’s stroke and onset of dementia.

The following list outlines my current aspirations:

  • Visit family and friends on a regular basis
  • Plan holidays
  • Resume meditation classes
  • Resume tai chi classes
  • Return to ballroom dancing classes
  • Return to some form of painting and drawing
  • Attend some form of educational/interest group/class
  • Read more books and other publications
  • Improve my DIY skills
  • Resume involvement in the Labour Party
  • Continue with my attempts to improve the diagnosis and treatment of dementia

I am sure I may well revise this list in the next couple of days.  One thing for sure Cleethorpes is a lovely place to live, as you can see from my photo above of the sun rising over the Humber.

3 thoughts on “Dementia: The Way Ahead

  1. That truly is a beautiful picture. Love scenes like that. Makes me wonder what camera you used?

    11 items on the list! I’m impressed 🙂


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