Dementia: Clear and Present Danger

Some additional measures are now needed to keep Maureen safe. In the last two days I have managed to track her down on walkabout being shepherded back home by two kindly folk.  On Tuesday she was walking arm in arm with an elderly man; Clear and Present Danger: Bragging Rightsoblivious to any concern about her lengthy absence.  Yesterday she was in the company of a middle-aged woman who  guiding her back home.  It is fortunate that she met such friendly dog walkers on her travels.

It appears that Maureen has increased the range of her walkabout.  She is now venturing as far as the Country Park before she seeks assistance to find her way home.  Her current walkabout are now a cause of real concern for your truly.  It is no longer simple to track her down, as she increases the range of her tours of the local area.  In the past I have given her a measure of freedom before tracking her down.  The time has now arrived to review my approach to her walkabout to ensure her personal safety.

Maureen is very vocal about her independence and has indicated that restriction will lead to dire consequences.  She feels she is safe to be both left to her own devices in the house, or on walkabout.  In fact, she has made it clear that if my concern about her independence continues she would elect to end our relationship.  I fully recognise that this is dementia robbing Maureen of any realisation of the risks involved.  Unfortunately, we are no longer in a position to hold rational conversations with my dear wife.

Preserving Maureen’s independence and safety are of paramount importance, as we continue our journey with dementia.  Such matters are of immediate importance and have to be resolved before we consider the small issue of my Carer’s Assessment.  It is fortunate I am meeting with our social worker on Friday morning.

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