Living beyond the diagnosis of dementia     

Once again my first post of the day is copied across from Kay Swaffer’s Blog. What an excellent start to the day for someone to outline the shortcoming of the approach to dementia so clearly.

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One of the myths of dementia is that people diagnosed with it can’t live well after the diagnosis, and the concept of maintaining a pre diagnosis life is not possible.

However, ADI’s Global Charter states: I can live well with dementia.

But the problem with that, is nobody, no organisations, no service providers, no doctors, no researchers, no clinicians, are yet telling us how to do that. T

hey still direct us down the pathway of Prescribe Disengagement™, and man simply do not believe it is even remotely possible to “live well with dementia”.

Living well with dementia is a ‘tricky’ term, and there has been a global conversation, by people with a diagnosis of dementia, about whether it is in fact, not only about whether it is, or is not possible, but if it is even appropriate to use the term, living well with dementia.


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