National Dementia Strategies and Guidelines

My recent posts have concentrated on what I can do to support Maureen.   That is one aspect of having a life after diagnosis. The other is the importance of positive National Strategies as Kate Swaffer outlines in the Blog that follows.

brain treeAustralia, and many other countries have until recently had no national guidelines for the post diagnostic support of people with dementia, which I see as more than a failing, but as unethical. However it is encouraging to be able to report that the national clinical guidelines recently drafted went out to the public for comment before they are to be finalised, hopefully by October later this year. They are, disappointingly, I believe, still lacking in the prescription of authentic and comprehensive brain injury style rehabilitation and other proactive interventions and disability supports for people with dementia.

Many countries do have national dementia strategies, including Australia. Scotland of course has a National Dementia Strategy, and is often ahead of the rest of us. And talking of things Scottish, I refer you to an interesting article written by a Psychiatrist in Scotland, Dr Peter Gordon, Early detection of dementia: RCPsych result, for further reading. The UK of course, also has a

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