“Black Box Warning” against anti psychotic drugs in dementia care

Excellent Blog from Katie Swaffer:

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 11.22.59 amThis quote by Danny Miller is one of my favourites, and is also used in the header of a blog I follow, The PPJ Gazette. This article although nor specifically discussing the dangers of the use of anti psychotics in dementia care, warns very clearly of the dangers of prescribing them, and is worth a read.

Warnings for Patients Taking Psych Drugs (also for their families and prescribing practitioners)

The blog is by Dr. Gary G. Kohls, who is a family practitioner, who specializes in holistic and preventive mental health care. He has expertise in the areas of traumatic stress disorders, brain nutrition, non-pharmaceutical approaches to mental ill health, neurotransmitter disorders, neurotoxicity from food additives (and other environmental toxins) and the problems with psychotropic drugs.

Dr Kohls begins the article with this:

“Over the years, I have formally taught my patients (as well as many participants in my lectures and seminars) about…

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