Dementia: ‘Will She Take Statins?’

When The G P phoned a couple of days ago he asked me if I thought my wife would take statins?  He is aware of the side effects she has had from lots of medication and that she would be circumspect about another tablet.  When we called in for an appointment later in the afternoon, he did his best to outline the risk factors and tried to cajole M to take just one more tablet.  It was hard work as M followed the household Party Line of general resistance to take medication.  I have to admit at the time I thought M was being stubborn but I am now coming to the conclusion that her instinct is spot on.

I caught up on statins a little yesterday, by calling in advice from one of my reference groups.  Even with an elevated reading of 6.1 my friendly chemist shook her head and said something to the effect of; ‘so what she doesn’t need statins’.  She asserts that there is no evidence base for their efficacy and the risk levels have no basis.  I opened up a Thread on Talking Point and sought information from those who were travelling a similar journey.  My limited search on the Internet turned up a BMJ article that raises issues about the widespread use of statins.  So it appears that my wife’s instinct is well founded.  This is the second time that further medication has been suggested, that has been wisely questioned, and eventually rejected.

My wife has faced a similar battle over mood.  It could be argued that once again she followed the Party Line of her Old Man.  My judgement has been based on a lot more research than has been undertaken with statins.  Witnessing my experience with depression and an understanding that there is little validity in the ‘chemical imbalance theory’ that has been sold by the drug companies, would have led her to question the need for antidepressants.  She maybe  hasn’t read as many of his publications as me but I am sure she has seen enough of Irving Kirsch on YouTube to grasp the nettle here.

My answer to the G P’s question  is: ‘I don’t think so’.  Just like antidepressants she know that she doesn’t really need them.  If I felt inspired I would try to emulate Irving here and come up with something akin to: ‘The Emperor’s New Drug’, as he has for the antidepressant issue.  Perhaps, later in the day I will come up with something and edit this post.  In the mean time I am pretty sure those statins will remain in the packet and I think that is the best place for them.

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