Dementia: Thieves At Work?

My wife is convinced that people are always moving her belongings around even stealing things.  This evening she is on a mission to find a missing  boot.  She is convinced that someone has deliberately moved it out of her vision.  Her searching is incessant.  As she wander from place to place she mutters about how others are making her life difficult by constantly moving or taking her belonging.

I would speculate that this is similar to the  ‘Packing to Go Home Syndrome’.  It is dementia creating havoc with her life and mine.  She is currently hassling me because I have dropped out of the search.  Her comments sum it all up: ‘never mind it is something to do’.  Quite clearly she has forgotten how to fill her time: dementia has robbed her of the memory of what to do.  Searching and packing are routines to pass time: nothing else.

My job now is to join in the search again for a while.  Then suggest that we do something else i.e. redirect her to something that will help her to fill time.  I will let you know how it goes tomorrow.  I may be in for a long night.

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